It’s Always Worth It… Right Before The Weeknd

Well, its Friday. That day of the week that so many anticipate. The end of work, at least for a whopping 48 hours. Yet for me, this day brings, at times, an annoying break in mPeanutsy research. So the question I have is, why the difference? Why do so many people look forward to being done, and why are a few rare people not able to fully enjoy the break the weekend provides?

The answer, in my opinion, is in three parts. One, obviously, is motivation. I have very high motivation. I enjoy making goals and following up on them. A checklist with 3 items left undone drives me up the wall. I just like getting stuff done. ‘Nuff said. People who have lower drives to achieve things generally spend their week avoiding getting a lot done, and when the weekend comes, their thought is, “Thank goodness! I have 48hrs to avoid responsibility and just be the lazy bum that I am inside!” (Ok, probably not exactly what they’re thinking, but if they were honest…)

Secondly, I. Love. My. Job. Need I really say more? I find medical research fascinating, and in my position, guess what? That’s what I get to do!! Now, admittedly, being able to do the job you love may be considered a luxury, but with the right MOTIVATION (see what I did there?), anyone can get to where they want to be. I feel, honestly, that loving your job is a necessity. If you hate it, you’re not likely to be good at it. Of course, I’ve met people who hate their jobs and are very good at them. Kudos. Congratulations on putting up with a job you hate that, because you hate it, will most likely never lead you to where you want to be (ok, yes its harsh, but how many people who hate their low-level position will honestly try to move up the ladder?).

Lastly, job security. Now, again, some flexibility must be allowed in that some jobs simply don’t have high security. But, but, but. If you’re motivated (another in-blog reference, and you’re thinking “What is wrong with this guy?”) and love your job, you’re generally going to have fairly good job security because you’re motivated to be high-achieving and you enjoy it, which leaves a pretty good impression on the boss.

I’d say that overall I have it good (not being arrogant, God has truly blessed me). I absolutely love my job, and I make goals and try to go above-and-beyond what my bosses expect of me. Because of my efforts and enthusiasm, I’m good at what I do and they know I’m good at what I do, so they want to keep me. But now, with Saturday and Sunday looming over my schedule, I must put down my digital pen and find ways to enjoy this weeknd (I actually already have plans, a rarity for me).

One final word: motivation and attitude are everything. For people who look forward to the weeknd as an escape from the horrors of their job, I honestly can say I empathize (I worked at Wal-Mart at one point). But I can also say, get moving. Google. Talk to people. Try harder to find a job you love and you’re good at. I’ll conclude with this piece of Scripture which I keep by my deskside and has proven to be great motivation for me: Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men”. Have a blessed weeknd everyone!


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