Fat Loss via Thermogenesis

Okay, its been awhile since I’ve posted on here, but I thought I’ve found and practiced (important for what I do) some basic principles of fat loss. Nobody really likes having a lot of fat on their body. The low-intellect society in which we live shuns fat, in spite of the numerous studies which show that people in the BMI ‘Overweight’ category have the greatest longevity of all the weight groups! But, I like losing fat because it means my body is working well and utilizing the nutrients that I’m giving it.

Anyway, I’ve deviated from my main topic. This post is all about fat loss, generally via thermogenesis. Now there are two types of thermogenesis: cold and hot. Cold is generally the hated form, and for good reason: its pretty darn uncomfortable. But I will say this: the benefits of starting your day with a 5min icy-cold shower are plentiful – start the day by jump-starting your weight loss, if you do it right a basic vagus nerve hack, and of course a lovely jolt of awakening that beats a cup of coffee.

Oooops, I just told you one of my hacks. Gol ding it! Oh well, take it as a freebie. I’m really just annoyed that I went out of order. Anyway, here’s my full list of cold hacks:

  1. Yoga outside on a cool morning
  2. Drinking cold water throughout the day
  3. Taking icy-cold showers
  4. Generally staying in a cool environment

#2 is an especially fun hack cuz its easy! Plus you get the health benefits of good hydration while helping your body to burn some extra calories passively!

I’ll be honest: as far as heat thermogenesis goes, I don’t have much experience. I don’t like hot conditions as much as cold so I honestly don’t utilize it that much. I know, I should test everything but COME ON. I know what works for me, but if anyone has any good heat techniques be sure to let me know!


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