A Day in My Life

Well my adorable readers, it has been far too long since I have shared my nutritional wisdom. Ha. Anyway, I’ll step off my high place of authority… *steps off* and proceed with giving you some good information. I realized that while I’ve given some protocols, its sometimes more useful to know what that person actually does. So, today, from beginning to end*ish*, here is my nutrition… Wakeup: Oil pull with coconut oil and oregano oil

Pre-Breakfast: 3g Vitamin C, 10000 IU Vitamin D, 3tabs Ginkgo Biloba, 2mg B12

Breakfast: Organic medium-roast coffee with 1Tbsp Unsalted grassfed butter

Mid-Morning: 1cup organic green tea with 1Tbsp Unsalted grassfed butter, 5g vitamin C

Pre-Lunch: 1Tbsp ACV

Lunch: Unwich (natural salami and roast beef, wrapped in organic lettuce with homemade mayo and mustard), organic salsa with organic blue corn chips,

Afternoon: Coffee with 1Tbsp Coconut Oil, Dark Chocolate

Dinner: Ummm… its my birthday, so we’re eating out. Mexican foooood!!! 😀

Post-Dinner: 4capsules Coconut Charcoal for detoxing

Evening: Oil Pull (same ingredients), Metamucil, Chamomile Tea with 1Tbsp MCT Oil, Magnesium (800mg)

My schedule is fairly simple for food. Remember, if you want a good body and good health, spend more time in the kitchen than you do in the gym.



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