So, I’ll be the first to admit that I have a caffeine… problem? Addiction? I wouldn’t call it those, but other people might. I, personally, like to think of it not as a dependency, but as a way to give my adrenal glands an energy shot before my body begins to naturally produce in the morning (look it up!).

But the issue is, what kind of coffee is good for you? Go to the store, buy a can of Folger’s, drink it, and within a couple hours of drinking it you’re drowsy, cranky, and can’t focus. So the question is, what happened? Why is this magical, delicious black drink causing the exact opposite effects of what its supposed to?

Well, persoBulletproof-Dove-Logonally, I follow the Bulletproof Diet. This diet, founded on the idea of Bulletproof Coffee (in a moment, my patient readers), which is profoundly different from the regular coffee that most people consume. The beans are raised on a high-altitude plantation, and at higher altitudes its been shown that there are fewer molds.

So, from the beginning of its development, the coffee is in a favorable environment to make it healthy. Next, the beans are pressure-washed and then medium-roasted. This medium roast helps to preserve the oils that are so essential to that mental boost, while still providing a nice degree of downright deliciousness.

So, Bulletproof Coffee. It revolves around the idea that fat, in particular saturated fat, is in fact extremely healthy (not to mention creamy and delicious). The ingredients include grass-fed organic butter (Kerrygold is a good brand) and either coconut or MCT oils. You make your coffee, add 1 Tbsp each of butter and oil, and blend to creamy perfection.

I make this mixture every morning. Now, some would say, “Fat?! You eat fat every morning?!” Why, yes. Yes I do. And I have no problem in saying that my bodyfat percentage is nice and low (single digits). You can find more on this at: ¬†

I’m not marketing for Bulletproof, but I will say the concepts are both practical and extremely stimulating. Challenge yourself today, and see what Bulletproof Coffee can do for you!


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