Can’t Doctors C What’s Going On?

So! Weekend’s over, back to the lovely grind. (Not sarcasm.) As you may guess from my exceedingly clever title, my post today is on Vitamin C. This vitamin passes largely unnoticed from most people, which is why I’m writing about it! My information comes mostly from the book Primal Panacea by Dr. Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD, so all due credit to Dr. Levy and his research and medical efforts.

Vitamin C is an amazing substance. It strengthens the immune system, and through recent research has been proven to help maintain the adherence of your arterial walls. Dr. Levy has found evidence that Vitamin C has been shown to cure (a word that’s essentially taboo in the supplement industry, but they can say “treat”…) many viral and non-viral infections, including: AIDS/HIV (actually, it doesn’t cure it, but it minimizes symptoms so people can life asymptomatically), Ebola, Pneumonia, Shingles, Hepatitis, and a host of others.

Dr. Levy contributes the rising rate of heart attacks to the lack of Vitamin C supplementation. A coarse and unappreciating translations of how heart attacks happen is: a persoPPn becomes deficient in Vitamin  C, a mini state of scurvy occurs in the coronary arteries which results in reduced cellular wall adhesion. The inside of the artery begins to pull away, leaving openings for irritants to get in and cause inflammation. The body repairs by covering the inflamed area with cholesterol and other protective substances. But if the deficiency isn’t dealt with, this process will repeat itself over and over, and may eventually lead to heart disease.

Certainly, the information being presented is nowhere near conventional, which is partially why I find it so interesting! Vitamin C also has several other interesting and extremely useful roles, such as: an antidote (an example provided was of a girl bitten by a black widow spider, and after receiving megadose Vitamin C, she had a complete recovery), and as an antioxidant (this role is fairly well known but Dr. Levy brings forth research that shows the extent of its usefulness).

In conclusion, Dr. Levy provides the reader with many valuable resources that cover a wide range of potential issues. Anyone who wants to help cure a viral infection, or just wants to boost their immune system should consider reading Dr. Levy’s book and practicing the protocols he outlines.


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