The Weeknd… Its Always Worth It.

Well, it once again Friday. Ah, yes. That fabled and hallowed day that so many people look forward to. So why is it, when Friday rolls around, instead of being filled with excitement, I’m filled with sadness at a streak of work being interrupted by 48hrs of fun? My dear readers, I believe it is because of three distinct factors which, while they can be analyzed independently, they are very much connected.

The first thing is, I’m motivated. I like goals, things you can tangibly check off. “Hey, I need you to do this!” and bam. Its done! I like accomplishing things, getting stuff done. And when the┬áday known as Friday rolls around, it means… I have 2 days during which I don’t have to accomplish those goals. I’m a go-getter. I like being busy. And the weekend usually is a break from that. I can appreciate that, but I like working and getting stuff done.

The second thing is, I love my job. Yes, allow me to repeat that. I. Love. My. Job. I say this tentatively for fear my boss may one day Google my name and discover this little digital arm I’m growing. But anyway, I digress. My love for my job is fueled by the fact that I get to do what I like to do. And because I’m good at it (it helps to be good at your job! [sarcasm]) I generally get to do it how I want to do it. Enjoying your job and what you do are of critical importance. And (wait for it)… I also love getting the stuff done. See what I did there? The point is, if you love your job, you’re generally motivated to get a lot done and get it done well. If you do that… hey! That leads into my third point!

The last point is job security. Because I love my job and display the exuberance in it that I do on my blog, my boss likes me… or maybe just my attitude. Job security can be a big deal. I understand that with certain jobs, there inevitably comes lower security due to the surrounding nature of the job itself. But. But. But. If you are good at your job, nay, excellent!, and you display a good attitude, even if the security is lower you’re more likely to stay hired. To wrap up this section I’ll say this: “The best workers are the ones who aren’t afraid to get fired, because that generally means they’re good at what they do and have fun doing it”.

So. A lot of information, but mostly nothing too deep. The point is, if you’re a weekend junkie who can’t wait to get out of the office (or wherever it is you labor), you should probably fix your attitude. I know, you’re thinking, “This little dork knows nothing. I work hard for my family (or myself) but I can’t afford to try changing careers”. Let me ask you this. If it would make you happier (and most likely richer, because most people who are unhappy tend not to advance), would your family sacrifice to help you change careers? Food for thought.

Anyway, got to get going. The weekend is upon me and I’m heading to hang out with friends at college. Funny thing is, they’re all hardcore weekend junkies. Maybe I should email the link to my blog…


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